Health and Safety Policy

Safety, Health and Environment is paramount in today’s industry, you need to know that your project is in a safe pair of hands. We take our commitments to providing excellence in quality, health and safety and the environment very seriously.

K-SPEC Solutions Ltd acknowledges that the disciplines of health and safety are a fundamental part of its management function. We at K-SPEC Solutions view these as a key obligation and is crucial adopting appropriate Health and Safety Standards to be a good business.

K-SPEC Solutions Ltd Health and Safety policy demands continuous development in its Health and Safety management actions, activities and business will be directed by the following principals:

At K-SPEC Solutions Ltd we must: –
• Work with our suppliers, clients and employees to create the highest Health and Safety standards.
• Communicate its objectives and our performance against these objectives through the company and to the interconnecting parties.
• Support all those who refuse to undertake work on the grounds of Health and Safety
• Take due care to guarantee that activities are safe for employees, subcontractors, associates and others who encounter our work, including the general public.
• Follow a concept of unceasing improvement and make the greatest use of management resources in all matters of Health and Safety.
• Adopt a forward-looking approach on future business decisions that may have Health and Safety consequences.
• Conform with all applicable laws and regulations
• Educate and train our staff in the needs and responsibilities of Health and Safety Management.

We must review this policy every year unless conditions necessitate an earlier review.

Quality Assurance Policy

K-SPEC Solutions Ltd has established this quality policy to be reliable with the purpose and context of our company. It delivers an agenda for the setting and review of objectives and aims in addition to our obligation to satisfy clients, regulatory and legislative necessities as well as our commitment to recurrently advance our management system.
We have extensive experience and the I.T capability to be 100% compliant and able to operate on all major contractor-led platforms to ensure ‘live & aligned’ information flow. In the absence of a preferred contractor platform we will offer customers our inhouse software to ensure quality assurance is monitored and controlled throughout.
Leadership: K-SPEC Solutions Ltd management is dedicated to generating and maintaining the working environment, in which people become fully involved in achieving our objectives.
Relationship Based Management: K-SPEC Solutions Ltd identifies that our company and the association it has with its external providers are co-dependent and a mutually beneficial relationship develops the ability of both to create value.
Process Approach: At K-SPEC Solutions Ltd we recognise that an anticipated result is achieved more competently and efficiently when activities and connected resources are managed as a process or series of unified processes.
Customer Focus: As a company K-SPEC Solutions Ltd has made a promise to recognise our current and future client’s needs; meet their requirements and strive to surpass their expectations.
Improvement: K-SPEC Solutions Ltd is dedicated to achieving repeated development and improvement across all aspects of our Quality Management System.
Evidence decision making: As a company we are dedicated to only making decisions relating to our Quality Management System following scrutiny of applicable information and data.
Engagement of People: K-SPEC Solutions Ltd understands that individuals are the core of any good business and that their full participation permits their capabilities to be used for the companies’ advantage.
Our policy is to meet the necessities of our involved parties and in meeting our environmental, social, regulatory, charitable and legislative responsibilities.
The company has produced quality aims and objectives that relate to this policy, which can be found in our quality review meeting minutes.
This policy is available and is communicated to all parties as well as being made available to the others through publication on our website and company notice board.
This policy shall be reviewed at least 12 monthly unless circumstances require a review be conducted sooner.

Environmental Policy

K-SPEC Solutions Ltd is dedicated to reducing the effect of its activities on the environment and assisting our clients by complying sustainably.

To this end the K-SPEC Solutions Ltd has implemented an Environmental Management System to endlessly progress its environmental performance.

We have established this environmental policy to be consistent within our company. It delivers a outline for the setting and review of environmental objectives as well as our obligation towards the following;

• To minimise and reduce noise and other nuisances
• To guarantee compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations
• To sustainably resource use, climate change mitigation, protection of biodiversity and ecosystems.
• To make its environmental information available to interested parties.
• To progress waste management practices
• To reduce emissions and thwart pollution
• Constantly advance our environmental management system and improve environmental performance.
• To continuously assess its environmental performance
• To minimise and reduce consumption of natural resources
• To assist in the management of ecology
• To assist in the investigation of environmental incidents in which it is involved on operational sites.

The essential financial resources and personnel will be allocated to assist the organisation in meeting the environmental targets and objectives that will be reviewed at the necessary intervals. Adding to this, the company will continue to raise the levels of environmental awareness throughout its workforce and to promote this mindfulness to its clients and suppliers.

K-SPEC Solutions Ltd is dedicated to operating its Environmental Management System in a way that reaches and sustains compliance.

This policy is communicated to all the relevant and interested parties, as well as being made accessible to the wider public through our website and company notice board.

This policy shall be reviewed once a year unless conditions necessitate an earlier review.